Joshua Tree Digital provides Editing Services to Authors

Joshua Tree Digital Editing Services

Joshua Tree Digital provides editing services to authors. Many times we like a book we have received from a Query Letter from an author, but the book is not ready to be published. 

While we provide editing for the books we plan on publishing, we expect them to be at a certain level of quality before we can commit to having them published. Since authors at this stage did not know what or where to go next, we began to offer Editing Services so they could bring theirs books to the point they were ready for submission to be published. 

While this site is not designed to go into great detail about the process of editing— each book is at a different stage—below are the different types of editing which we provide:

• Developmental
• Substantive
• Content
• Line
• Copy Editing

oshua Tree Publishing will request that the author provide a sample of the manuscript to be edited. After reviewing the work, we will provide the author a cost for the editing services to bring their manuscript to level needed to be published. Once completed, the process of publishing—and additional editing—will begin on the author’s book. 

Editing Services Contract Agreement Overview 

Joshua Tree Publishing agrees to provide the following editing services to Author upon the following terms and conditions (collectively, the ” Editing Services”): 

  • Joshua Tree Publishing will provide Author with the services of a professional copy editor skilled and proficient at proofreading and editing manuscripts. 
  • Joshua Tree Publishing will use reasonable efforts that the copy edited Book is returned to Author within the timetable of this agreement but more time may be necessary, depending upon the complexity of editing needed. 
  • Joshua Tree Publishing uses Microsoft Word to make all editing suggestions. 
  • Author understands that the Editing Services consist of correction of spelling, punctuation, and grammar; checking for consistency, proper usage, and typographical errors. Author also understands that the Editing Services do not include content support and resolution, evaluation of flow, presentation, and sentence structure. 
  • Author understands that while Joshua Tree Publishing will edit the Book, Joshua Tree Publishing shall not have final editorial control over it. The Author is responsible for the final editorial content. 
  • If Author is dissatisfied with the quality of the Editing Services provided, the Author must notify Joshua Tree Publishing in writing within 7 days of receiving the document. If Joshua Tree Publishing agrees that the quality of the Editing Services is deficient, Joshua Tree Publishing will arrange to have the Work re-edited at no charge to Author.

For more information, please contact us at (312) 320-0937 or send an e-mail to


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